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Where did coffee come from? We may never know exactly how or when coffee was discovered, but we are certainly glad it was discovered and we are able to experience and taste what the coffee bean plant has to offer. Take a look at our history of coffee timeline where there are some facts and some legends behind this special bean.


Thousands of Years Ago - Kaldi Discovers Coffee

Who is Kaldi? Legends say that he was a young goat herder in Ethiopia back in the 6th century that took notice when his goats had a burst of energy after consuming an unknown plant and its berries.


Energizing Berries Spread Across Regions

Kaldi introduced the berries to a local monastery who made a drink out of the berries and that kept Kaldi awake all night. Word spread quickly and spread to the Arabian peninsula and this bean started to travel the world. They spent time, grinding, roasting and submersing this bean in water until they found that the new drink was just right. Indulging in this drink when they needed to stay awake during hours of long prayer ceremonies.


1000 A.D. - A Written Journal

The medicinal properties of coffee were first written by physician and philosopher, Avicenna Bukhara. Avicenna wrote, "It fortifies the members, it cleans the skin, and dries up the humidities that are under it and gives an excellent smell to all the body."


1300's A.D. - The Coffee Craze Begins

Because the Arabs depended on Ethiopia for their coffee, these plants began to be smuggled from that country. To prevent the cultivation of the coffee plant, the seeds were made sterile. Coffee beans were the craze.


1600's A.D. - Pope Clement VIII

Word had spread as far as the Vatican. When the church noticed the popularity of coffee rising they deemed it satanic. The Pope decided to inspect the beverage but was so tempted by the aroma that he tried the drink and proclaimed he now understood why coffee was so popular. He decided to baptize the drink to make it a true Christian beverage.


1616 A.D. - Dutch Trade

Eventually, one of the coffee plants was stolen and taken to Europe by Dutch traders. The traders then set up plantations throughout their homeland.


1670 A.D. - The Beans Continue to Travel

The smuggled beans were then taken to India where they were planted.


1727 A.D. - Coffee Went Global

When Latin America, India, Jamaica, Brazil and the West Indies got their hands on the coffee plant they started producing the beloved brew and the rest is history. The world now enjoys billions of cups of coffee daily!


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