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  • How could we resist if taking an easy breathe filled with fresh aroma from the coffee while waking up in the morning?

Most people drink coffee for various reasons, just like every one living around you, with no limit of ages or occupations.  As one of coffee pursuers addicted in fresh aroma brought by natural bean itself, we keep trying all possible ways to catch it in easier and smarter way to have the specialty coffee shared with everyone equally, even you are not barista or cupper.


  • Fairland Coffee believes in two things: our people and our coffee.

Striving to make the best cup of coffee possible, we begin at the source.  Each grain of our coffee beans are carefully chosen in consideration to the origin, quality and flavor profiles. The beans are sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. Our high quality beans are then roasted in our Southern California facility in small batches to ensure the most unique flavor profiles.


  • “Love to Share in Fair”, is the most important faith we run after and dedicated to.

All of us deserve more options for specialty coffee with rich flavors naturally inspired by Fairland.  The only thing we would compromise is the flexibility to make the coffee better!


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