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  • The Coffee Bean

There are two different types of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta. Robusta beans are easier to grow and cultivate, Robusta beans are exclusively grown in the Eastern hemisphere, Arabica beans are grown predominantly in Latin America but are also found in Africa and Papua New Guinea. Of the two, Robusta is more bitter and has double the caffeine. Arabica however is more popular, only 30% of beans are Robusta. There are over 100 varieties of the Arabica bean and only 2 different types of Robusta beans.


Before being made into the cup of coffee that we know and love, this classified fruit was consumed as a food before also being enjoyed as a wine. These beans come from the seed of a cherry like fruit. They took on the name coffee beans once people realized their resemblance to actual beans. These beans grow on small christmas like trees that are on average 5-7ft tall. Along with the coffee beans, these trees also produce flowers and fruits. The coffee cherries bloom into beautiful white flowers. These plants are harvested once a year and have a lifespan from anywhere between 20-30 years.


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